About Me



Height: 5’11″Weight:195lbsFavourite Film:TrueRomanceFavouriteFood:YorkshirePuddingFavourite Drink: Dandelion & BurdockFavourite Colour: YellowFavourite Song: Stellar – IncubusFavourite Book: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night

Here is a little info about me but to check out the important stuff you can view my resume HERE

I am a British, middleweight Graphic designer with 5 years experience in the design and print industry. I currently reside in Toronto, but matter where I may be, I can usually be found glued to the nearest Mac. During my career so far I have gained valuable experience working for some reputable design agencies and print houses in the United Kingdom. I believe I am a competent, research orientated designer with a keen eye for detail and good sense of humor. I love to work in a team environment and share my passion for design with my peers.